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DMA’s are an Australian based trio whose music focuses on the alternative Aussie Brit-pop genre. They formed in 2012, and the band currently consists of Johnny Took, Tommy O’Dell, and Matt Mason. Some of their music has been compared to the likes of Oasis, Primal Scream and the Happy Mondays. After just a few weeks of performing together, the trio managed to get their debut EP to just outside the top 10 of the iTunes Albums Chart.

About DMA's

In the Beginning

Two of the band’s members, Took and O’Dell, were already playing together in a rock band named the Underlights, but once guitarist Mason became noticed the duo soon turned into a trio and DMA’s were born. Soon after releasing some home-recorded material the group were signed to Sydney based record label, I Oh You, and continued to get their music heard and grow their fan base along the way. February 2015 saw the band move in a slightly different direction making record deals with Mom+Pop Records and Infectious Records. While Mom+Pop Records released the band’s albums in North America, Infectious holds the right for everywhere else bar Australia and New Zealand.

Steady Success

Having only been around for four years as a band, the DMA’s have had their fair amount of success already. With six singles under their belts, including, “Lay Down” and “Delete”, and latest single, “Timeless”, the band are well on their way to a successful career in the music industry. In March 2016, a full-length album was released by the band which was called Hills End and managed to peak at number 8 on the ARIA Albums Chart. With the band’s UK tour about to begin in October 2016, they are sure to increase their British followers and are happy being compared to the likes of Oasis (as they often are). Known as the Australian Brit-pop revivers, the DMA’s are certainly a band to watch out for.

DMA's tour dates

Sun, 16 Dec, 7:00 pm
Mon, 17 Dec, 7:00 pm




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