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If you like a good old garage-like cold and detached sound, minimalist electronic components, monotonous rhythm and intense vocals, a gothic darkwave post-punk band Crows is definitely the one you don’t want to miss. They have surprised everybody with their over-the-top independence. Their music protests any stereotypes and prejudices, and borders. But it is not just a thoughtless protest, but a state of mind! No wonder that the guys were considered to be an underground band until quite recently.

About Crows


Crows were founded in 2012 in London. The current members of the band are James Cox (vocals), Steve Goddard (guitar), Jith Amarasinghe (bass), and Laurence Rushworth (drums). In their work, the guys dwell upon the achievements of Joy Division, Savages, and The Brain Jonestown Massacre. Crows have taken the same foundation as the most modern post-punk bands, but they have also managed to create their own substantive music on it.

Unwelcome Light

Just like the majority of the young post-punk bands, Crows are probably not destined to be popular in the broadest sense. They will not appear in tabloids on the daily basis and host game shows when their musical career is over. Cult is a more suitable characteristic for a post-punk band. And, in this case, they have all the chances to gain such a tag. Of course, plenty of work should be done, but Crows’ unforgettable performances show that the guys are ready for that. Indeed, anybody, who has seen Crows performing once, will hardly forget them. This group both has very catchy songs and no less memorable vocals. From this point of view, it seems to be an unexpected decision to make the EP debut sound like a single, integrated piece. On the other hand, Unwelcome Light, released on March, 25, 2016, has benefited from it hugely. The EP features five tracks: Goodnight Evelyn, Silent Forest, Hang Me High, Whisper, and Unwelcome Light.

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