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"Coldplay" is the British rock group. Having begun to play in fall of 1996, it achieved the real success in the world only in 2000, after their second single "Yellow" from the album "Parachutes" which deafeningly rushed on tops of all charts of Great Britain and the United States. Coldplay’s albums were sold out in circulation of more than 30 million copies.

About Coldplay

Formation of group and first years of its existence

Participants of "Coldplay" got acquainted in the hostel of University College London where they studied. The structure of the group: Chris Martin (vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, harmonica); Jonny Buckland (electric guitar, backing vocals); Guy Berryman (bass guitar, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, harmonica, backing vocals); Will Champion (percussion, keyboards, backing vocals). In the same 1998 "Coldplay" group recorded the first mini-album "Safety" which brought them the contact with a small label Fierce Panda. Meanwhile the artists have already graduated. They concluded the contact with the larger studio Parlophone. The group let out the first disk in 1998. "Safety" EP consisted of only 3 songs ("Bigger Stronger", "No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground", "Such A Rush") and was let out on their own money with a minimum circulation of 500 copies. The songs were recorded in one week at Sync City studio in London. In 1999 the first single "Brothers & Sisters" appeared. Right after its emergence, the head song gets to rotation on Radio 1. "The Blue Room" EP leaves in 1999 with five-thousand circulation amount and consists of three new songs ("Don? t Panic" (early version), "High Speed", and "See You Soon") and two already well known tracks ("Such A Rush" and "Bigger Stronger").

Real Success

Only at the end of 1999 the group collected the new strength. In 2000, the album "Parachutes" was let out. It becomes the first and spins in TOP 10 all the remained year. The album successfully gained recognition and awards. Coldplay is the best group and the best beginners, "Parachutes" is the best album, "Yellow" is the best single, etc. The second coming of the greatest British group took place in 2002! A new album received almost impossible assessment — 9 by the review of NME! Everyone was sure that "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" was better than "Parachutes". The second album transferred the group to the highest level. The first and such a long-awaited single "Speed of Sound" appeared in 2005 and got to US Top Chart on the 8th place at once. "Coldplay" became the first British group since "The Beatles" which at once managed to get to US Top 10.

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