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Born in 1949 in New Jersey, USA, The Boss, as he is often nicknamed, Bruce Springsteen has long been one of America’s most idolised singer/songwriters. Initially struggling to gain attention outside of select critical circles, since his breakthrough album Born to Run (1975), Springsteen has been a perennial favourite of music fans worldwide. The musician's fame peaked with the release of Born in the USA (1984), one of the best-selling albums of all time, with over 30 million copies sold to date.

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Thunder Road

Writing songs and playing around New Jersey from an early age, the young Bruce Springsteen began his career alongside his long-serving backing group, The E Street Band. In 1973 he released his first two albums Greetings from Ashbury Park, N. J. and The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle, both to critical acclaim but little else. All of that would change from 1975 with Born to Run. Backed by a number of songs which have since become amongst Springsteen’s signature numbers—“Thunder Road”, “Born to Run”, “Tenth-Avenue Freeze Out”—the album peaked at number three on the US charts and kick-started a hot streak for Springsteen. Legal troubles kept him out of the studio for three years, but it ensured that his follow-up album Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) wasn’t rushed, an introspective downbeat work compared to the up-ahead optimism of its predecessor.

Dancing in the Dark

The following years saw critical and commercial successes pile on top of each other for The Boss, with Born in the USA exploding across the entire world, topping the charts almost everywhere. In the meantime, Springsteen kept touring and writing with an inhuman consistency. Well into his 60s, some 20 Grammy wins to his name, with nearly every single one of his 20 studio albums released to intense popularity amongst both audiences and critics alike, he still finds the energy to play mammoth three-hour-plus shows nearly every night. The Boss indeed.

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