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“Black Sabbath” is a hard rock group. It was born in the city of Birmingham, Great Britain, in 1968. The guitarist Frank Anthony Iommi founded it. Originally, there were four persons in it. At first only one song in January of 1970 was recorded with Phillips Records studio, it was called “The female evil (Don't play the games with me)”. Next month there was a debut album, which at once became successful and got in Top 40 in the States. 

About Black Sabbath

Difficult Road

The group remained among derelicts for many years in spite of the fact that it sold millions of albums. The second album left in 1970, the track, which made an album popular, incidentally got to it. It was in a hard-rock style and laid, actually, the foundation to the movement in general. Incidentally thrown idea appeared in chats on the 2nd place, it was the track “Paranoid”. The second song in this style was called “Silver dollar”. These two central things made indelible impression on metal fans. In the same spirit sounded the anti-war song “Electric Funeral”, which thought at first as the main in an album. At the end of 1970, the second accident, helped to release a new hit. Tony Iommi made the new low spirit of the guitar. The third album under the name “Master of Reality” left in the 1971 and became a world hit, as well as the first two.

Changed Structure

The history of the 7th album began with the conflict in the group. Osbourne rejected Tony Iommi's proposal to use wind instruments and to diversify arrangement. Osbourne, disappointed with the style, change and left the group. Sounding was sated with string and a synthesizer. Osborn returned to the group in 1978 on a recording of the album “Never Say die!” “Black Sabbath” returned to the Top 10 in Britain in the 1980s. The tracks “Neon Knights” and “Die to young people” became hits. Osborn didn't take part in this recording, he began a solo career. He was replaced by a new vocalist. One more album was recorded in 1981. This album – “Mob Rules” – became gold in America and Britain. The group reunited in initial structure with the old name in 2012 and issued one more album “13” (2013).

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