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Amon Amarth is a band, called after Sindarin name of Mount Doom from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Formed in Sweden in 1992, the group creates music in melodic death metal style. Due to the fact, that most of the lyrics is about the Vikings, their history and mythology, Amon Amarth is often considered to the one of the most popular Viking metal groups. Amon Amarth emerged from the band Scum, another death metal group, founded in 1988.

About Amon Amarth


Currently, the band consists of Johan Hegg (vocals), Olavi Mikkonen (guitarist), Johan Söderberg (guitarist) and Ted Lundström (bassist). So far Amon Amarth has released ten studio albums and ten music videos, a video album, an EP and one compilation album. Their first studio album was debuted in 1998 and was called Once Sent from the Golden Hall. However, only four studio albums later is when the group saw its breakthrough with the album “Twilight of the Thunder God”, which was released in 2008. After that three more albums were released: Surtur Rising (2011), Deceiver of the Gods (2013) and Jomsviking (2016).

Metal Blade

Metal Blade Records released Amon Amarth's debut album. The sound of it made the Amon Amarth’s popularity rise internationally. “The Crusher”, released in 2001, is considered to be their most aggressive album. Perhaps after their album, released in 2006, “With Oden On Our Side” Amon Amarth was perceived as champions in the worldwide death metal tournament. In fact, the album made it to the number 26 in the US Top Independent album charts. The band extended its record deal with Metal Blade Records for three more albums before their breakthrough which reached the number 50 in the United States, 21 in Switzerland, 14 in Austria, 11 in Sweden, 10 in Finland and 6 in Germany. On top of that, the “Twilight of the Thunder God” has ended up in 7th position in Top 20 Albums according to the Revolver Magazine.

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