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Adam Ant was born on 3 November, 1954. He started playing music when he was still in art school back in the 70s. Eventually, Adam and the Ants were formed, which turned out to be a wildly successful New Wave band, obviously, featuring Adam as the frontman. Unfortunately, the group went through a breakup in 1982. Since then Adam went on to having a mixed solo career and battling depression at the same time.

About Adam Ant

Early Years

A New Wave post-punk superstar Adam Ant (Stuart Leslie Goddard) was born in London, England. He was an only child, whose parents, Betty Kathleen Smith and Leslie Goddard, divorced when he was only seven years old. In college young Goddard started to study the graphic design, however soon he started to have doubts whether he should study music or arts. In addition to that, he was confused about his marriage as he married his fellow student, Carol Mills. Due to all this stress, by the end of college, he became anorexic. After overdosing on pills, Stuart was accepted into a mental hospital in London. After he was released, he changed his name to Adam Ant and divorced his wife soon after, in 1976.

Adam and the Ants

Dedicated to making music, Adam connected with a couple of band mates soon after he was released from the hospital. The new band was formed, first called The Ants. Later on, they changed their name to Adam and the Ants. After some reshuffling of the lineup, The Ants made it to the top of the charts in Britan and States. The Ant’s both albums, Prince Charming (1982) and Kings of the Wild Frontier (1980) have produced 16 hits and sold over 15 million copies.

Later Career

Adam Ant released his first solo album, Friend or Foe in 1982. Although Ant was hoping for a successful solo career, this album as well as his following works, which included the albums Wonderful (1995) and Manners and Physique (1990) did not match his previous success. Soon after Live Aid concert in 1985, Adam distinguished himself as the only artist whose record went down in the charts in a week after the show.

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