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In the late 70’s and early 80’s Accept were one of the first German rock bands that gained international popularity, including that in the United States. They were significantly different from English-language bands’ copycats that were popular in Germany at that time. The main reasons for that were unusual vocals of their leader Udo Dirkschneider, the smashing power of two high-speed solo guitars and an extraordinary brutality of their sound.

About Accept

The story behind the success

Accept recorded their first album in 1979, followed by I’m a Rebel (1980) and Breaker (1981). In 1982, the band signed the contract with Breeze Music and recorded a number of very successful albums, among which there is a golden one – Balls to the Wall (1983). But in the late 80’s their sound became much softer, which contradicted to Udo’s ambitions and, eventually, he left the band. The last record they accomplished together, before Udo’s return in 1993, was Russian Roulette (1986), which became number 5 in Germany, but didn’t make it even to the first hundred in the US.

Falling out and reuniting

Accept disbanded in 1989, after months of struggling to find a proper vocalist. But they got back together in the 90’s. After releasing a few albums and The Final Chapter (1998) – the best hits live album – they split again, as their music was considered hopelessly old-fashioned at that time. Not all the band members could cope with that. During many years a lot of people left; today, the list of the band’s former members is really impressive. A lot of fans were desperate to see Udo returned. He didn’t, but the band reunited again. Today, Accept is Wolf Hoffman (guitars), Peter Baltes (bass), Mark Tornillo (vocals), Uwe Lulis (guitars), and Christopher Williams (drums). In 2010, the band recorded a new album, Blood of the Nations, this time without Udo Dirkschneider. The Blind Rage was released in 2014. The next album of the band is going to be released in 2017.

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