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On New Year's Eve 1973-74 from the scene of the Sydney club “Chequers” cover versions of “Rolling Stones” and Chuck Berry sounded. Very few people could imagine that the boys on the stage are fated to change the course of the world history of hard rock, having been turned into one of the most influential rock groups in the world. Malcolm Young collects “AC/DC” ("Alternative current / Direct current") in Sydney.

About AC/DC


“AC/DC “records the first single. “Rockin' In The Parlour/Can I Sit Next To You Girl” fails and the singer David Evans is succeeded by Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott. This unrestrained prototype of the true rocker will make “AC/DC” the world-renowned hit maker and himself - will turn into a rock music legend. In 1975, the bass guitarist Mark Evans and the drummer Phil Rudd join the group. The album “TNT” (1976) recorded with their participation rushes on the 2nd place of the Australian charts at once, drawing attention of Atlantic firm. In Europe “AC/DC” oddly ranks as the punks, gaining popularity.

Album that Brought Popularity and Death

In February 1979, in the London studio Roundhouse the recording of “Highway To Hell”, an album which is fated to bring final and irrevocable world popularity, begins. It became the classics in “AC/DC” discography. The group without the efforts collects the most capacious halls, and Bon Scott becomes addicted to alcohol. On February 19, 1980 in London, he will be found dead, choked in a dream with his own vomiting.


The question of continuation of group’s existence didn't stand: a new singer Brian Johnson, in the past the frontman of “Geordie” was presented to the rock public. With him, “AC/DC” goes to studio to record “Back In Black” (1980), which became an album of memory of Bon Scott.

New Millenium

Inclusion in “The hall of glory of a Rock'n'Roll” in 2003 became the main event of the new millennium for the Australian hard rockers. By estimates of the RIAA, “AC/DC” succeeded to sell over 150 million records that makes them one of the most successful rock groups in the world.

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