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Russell Howard is a talented young stand-up comedian from Great Britain. Despite his statement that he has an incredibly low self-esteem, he is loved by the audience all over the world so much. He is bright and good-looking, but these are not the main qualities of a great humorist. Many stand-up fans, even those with the most sophisticated taste, truly enjoy Russell’s jokes.

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The laughter never stops during the whole show. For those who are not closely familiar with the concept of stand-up Russell’s success seems unbelievable: a microphone and the only one person, no spectacular lighting or music. But Russell’s manner of speech and facial expressions makes his shows unforgettable. His monologues sparkle with unmatched first-class level humour. The audience feels much more optimistic after his shows. No wonder! Russell describes anything in an incredibly positive way! In one of Russell Howard reviews, The Guardian underlined the “attractiveness of his enthusiasm for life.”

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Russell’s humour reminds photos taken from a certain comic angle. These are just ordinary situations everyone has experienced in his or her life more than once. At least the majority of us have heard of such situations repeatedly. But we never pay too much attention to what seems ordinary. But Russell does! He conveys the hidden humour of everyday routines, a trivial situation seen from an unusual viewing angle, and family relationships. His jokes are built on personal observations. On the one hand, these are just regular observations of an ordinary person, but this guy’s thoughts and his ability to convey them make these observations really funny. Russell also touches upon such serious topics as politics, prejudices, lack of understanding and tolerance in society, etc. It is impossible not to laugh. Although through laughter, it was clear that he is telling the truth. The show duration is about two hours. Children under five years old are not allowed to the audience. If you decide to visit Russell Howard show, what you’ll get for sure is sparkling improvisations, high-quality jokes from a real professional, who skillfully turns ordinary life situations into something unseen before, offering to look at them with a solid dose of sarcasm. Comic monologues and live communication with the audience guaranteed! Besides, Russell is great in doing the accents!

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