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“The Waterboys” is the Scottish group founded in 1983 by Mike Scott. The lineup of the group, former and real, was formed generally of performers from Ireland, Scotland, and England. The current lineup comprises Mike Scott, Steve Wickham, Ralph Salmins, and Paul Brown. Edinburgh, London, Dublin, Spiddal, New York, and Findhorn were the house for the band. The group played in various styles, but in general, it is a mix of the Celtic folk music and rock'n'roll.

About The Waterboys

The Group and Mike Scott

After 10 years of existence, in 1993, the band broke up and Scott began a solo career. In 2000, the group reunited and continued to let out albums and to go touring around the world. Scott emphasized the dependence between his solo work and the band.

Debut album

Scott with Anthony Thistlethwaite, Karl Wallinger, and Kevin Wilkinson issued a full-length disc in 1983; the record comprised the famous track “A Girl Called Johnny” and was well accepted by critics. In 1985, “The Waterboys” went out the disc “This Is The Sea”, which turned to be the most prominent of their works. It appeared in the top 40 of the U.K. Pop chart with the hit “The Whole Of The Moon”. After this, Wallinger separated from the band.

Other Albums

The fourth album of the group “Fisherman’s Blues” (1988) is remarkable for the presence of traditional Irish fiddle. The album debuted at No. 13 in the U.K. and No. 76 at Billboard Top 200 chart. Their new folkish album was “Room To Roam” (1990), did not go higher than No. 180 in the U.S. Wickham also left after this issue. The disc “Dream Harder” (1993) revealed a more commercialized approach. 2003 the appearance of the eighth disk of original material, “Universal Hall” took place. It was recorded without Thistlethwaite and Wilkinson. The group’s latest album appeared in 2015 under the title of “Modern Blues”.

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