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"The Vamps" is the British indie-pop group. Its members are Brad Simpson (lead vocals, guitar), James McVey (lead guitar, vocals), Connor Ball (bass guitar, vocals), and Tristan Evans (percussions, vocals). Popularity to them came at the end of 2012 when they began to spread the covers on YouTube that led to the comparison with “One Direction” and receiving the title of a boy band.

About The Vamps

Foundation of the Band

The group was founded on March 5, 2014 in Great Britain. Having decided to create a group, McVey found Bradley Simpson through YouTube in 2011. Together they wrote songs, and later Simpson became a soloist. In 2012 through Facebook they found Tristan Evans. Then they got acquainted with Connor Ball. In the middle of 2012, the group began to spread the covers on YouTube. Strong support of fans helped to increase popularity of the group.

First singles and Albums

In 2013, “The Vamps” let out the debut single “Can We Dance’ which debuted at number 2 in a chart of singles of Great Britain. They released the video clip on the single "Can We Dance" which gained 1 million viewings in two weeks. Their second track “Wild Heart” was let out in 2014. It was at the 3rd place in the chart. The video of the song gathered 46 000 viewings in two days. The third recording “Last Night” was presented on the British radio. Their debut album “Meet the Vamps” left in 2014. “Wild Heart” was let out in the USA and Canada as a debut single. The group let out the second studio disk “Wake Up” (2015), the lead single of which had the same name. Brooklyn Beckham acted in the video clip on a single.

Non-album songs

Other popular songs of the band are “Cheater”, “Hurricane”, “Jack”.

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