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“The Coral” band is noteworthy not only because the cousins of Miles Kane – James and Ian Skelly play there, but also because they play really worthy music, which is unfortunately undervalued on the Web. Little is heard about “The Coral” in the United Kingdom in recent years. But this is not due to the lack of reason, but rather because of the problems with the company Deltasonic Records, which was created specifically for “The Coral”. So, The band was formed in 1996 by schoolmates from a suburb of Liverpool – Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula. The lineup comprised James Skelly (vocals, acoustic guitar); Lee Southall (rhythm guitar, vocals); Paul Duffy (bass, saxophone); Nick Power (keyboards, vocals); Ian Skelly (drums); John Duffy (percussion) and Bill Ryder-Jones (guitar, bass guitar). 

About The Coral


The music of the “The Coral” is a mixture of country music, psychedelic rock of the 1960s, the influence of folk music with modern rock music. The appearance of “The Coral” on the Liverpool scene the newspaper The Guardian compared with a musical renaissance.


The first release of “Shadows Fall” by “The Coral” was held in 2001. After 5 months, they let out their second release “The Oldest Path”, which caused such a buzz around the group that the magazine NME in 2001 announced “The Coral” the best band of the year. In 2002, the composition “Goodbye” took the 21st place in the UK Top 40, followed by the song “Dreaming Of You” that rose to the 13th place. A debut album “The Coral” was launched in the chart on the 5th place. In 2003, the single “Pass It On” rose on the 5th place in the charts. The first album of the group returned to the Top 40 a couple of times.


In total, they issued 8 albums and the latest appeared in 2016 called “Distance Inbetween” However, you cannot select any album to call it the best, because all the albums claim that title (regardless of their chart position). No wonder that critics endow the group with an impeccable musical taste. Still, the number of “mature” songs are present in the disc “Roots & Echoes” (2007). After its release, a critic of the magazine Q named James Skelly “the best writer and voice in modern British music,” and the magazine The Observer praised the album as “A gem of a record”.

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