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“Take That” is known to teenagers, whose youth has fallen to the 90s, as the original boy band. Subsequently, after the phenomenal success, the format of the boy band got a huge spread. The band was formed in 1990 and was not very successful at first. The highest place after the first three singles in the charts was the 87th. However, everything changed after the release of the single “It Only Takes A Minute”, which instantly became №1 in the chart.

About Take That

The Lineup

A key figure in the group was Gary Barlow, he was the lead singer, the author of numerous compositions, which subsequently became major hits of “Take That”. Jason Orange is also known as a choreographer and dance director, after he independently learned to play the guitar, he began performing with the group. Robbie Williams was not so active in music as he is now, and in the group, he was on the sidelines as a vocalist after Gary Barlow.


The assets of “Take That” are 8 singles that became №1 in the charts, including “Relight My Fire”, a catchy “Lu Lu”, “Back for Good”, and the single “How deep is Your Love” - a cover version of the song of “Bee Gees”. The band issued 7 albums, three collections of the best songs and two live albums in general. Their latest work “III” came out in 2014.

Breakup of the Group

But the fans of “Take That” were shocked when in 1996, the band announced about their breakup. A special telephone line of trust was even created for the most impressionable fans. It took a lot of time to complete disappearance of “Take That's” syndrome. After the demise of “Take That” each of the members went their separate ways. So, Gary Barlow continued his solo career in a style of unobtrusive pop music similar to the style of “Take That”. After a short break, a former favorite of the public, Mark Owen, returned to the stage with a new style and sound, with a completely updated image. The new style of the singer was a unique combination of Britpop and alternative music. Howard Donald finally disappeared from the view. Jason Orange returned after a couple of years after the absolute oblivion. He began his acting career. Robbie Williams became a very popular singer and sold more than 40 million of his albums worldwide.


Very soon their solo career went downhill and the team was not known until 2006, when four members of the group reunited and released a new single “Patience”. It led the British charts for four weeks and became the most commercially successful hit in the history of the group.

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