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334 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2HW
Located in the centre of Sheffield, on Glossop Road, The Harley is one of the most popular and attractive live music venues in the city. Since it was established 17 years ago, the bar/club has hosted the live performances of both new and widely-renowned artists and bands. Featuring a capacity of 220 people, The Harley is a lively hub for those who love genres such as indie pop, hip hop or garage-blues-rock. Apart from the bar, the building also hosts a burger joint and a hotel.

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Getting there

This entertainment venue is right in the centre of Sheffield, so you can rapidly get there via car, train or bus. By train and tube: The Harley is a 21-minute walk from the Sheffield Train Station, served by multiple commute routes. By bus: The Harley is a 3-minute stroll from the bus stops Clarkson Street (routes 51, 52a, 273, 274 and 275), opp Clarkson Street (routes 6, 120, 181 and 271) and adj Clarkson Street (routes 6, 120, 181 and 271). Furthermore, it only takes 4 minutes to walk to the venue from the bus stops adj Sheffield University (routes 7a, 51, 52, 52a, 273, 274, 275 and H1) and at Brook Hill (route H1). By car: The Harley is within a close distance of the main road Upper Hanover St. International: it’s easy to get to The Harley from the Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which is just a 42-minute car ride away from the venue. Alternatively, you can use a public bus line - the stop is in front of the terminal exit.

Parking facilities

Visitors can park their cars at the Durham Road Car Park facility, which is also known to offer a large array of places for Blue Badge Holders.

Access for people with special needs

People with special needs are always welcome to spend an enjoyable evening at The Harley, as the venue provides wheelchair access and allows personal assistants (free of charge) and guide dogs.
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Nicky Blackmarket
Nicky Blackmarket


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