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English traveler, presenter, writer, and expert on survival in the wild, Ray Mears is known to millions of television viewers for his practical pieces of advice on survival in the framework of the evening TV show. He is the author of a series of programs on tourism and survival, such as “Ray Mears’ Bushcraft”, “Ray Mears' World of Survival”, “Extreme Survival”, “Survival with Ray Mears”, “Wild Britain with Ray Mears”, and “Ray Mears Goes Walkabout”. Ray was quickly loved by the audience, as his appearance lacks the inherent brutality. On the contrary, a chubby and awkward at times, he reminded the audience themselves and gave hope that in a fight with nature, everyone has a chance.

About Ray Mears


Ray Mears was born on February 7, 1964, in a small town Kenley, near London. Accustomed to city life, he was the first time in nature when his parents went to the North Downs, where he spent several days running on numerous hills and playing all sorts of games. And since that time his passion, that made him famous, began.

The Shows

One of his first show was “Ray Mears' Bushcraft”: to shoot each episode, Ray went to the most different corners of the world to show  with his own experience that you can survive in any environment completely. During the year, the show has gained a huge audience and enjoyed great popularity. Soon, Ray began to participate in the filming of several other similar programs, but the general line remained the same: instead of showing the professional in the wild, the show was aimed at the average person, and did not require any specific survival skills. Today, Ray is still working on television shows and shoots.

Other Activities

The first book of Ray Mears, “The Survival Handbook”, was published in 1990. In 2012, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brookes University. Now Ray often gives lectures at schools and universities in the UK, talking to schoolchildren and students about the basics of survival in the wild.

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