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The history of this highly influential rap band, the greatest “politicians of hip-hop”, started in 1982, in a glorious Long Island. Under the influence of all its peculiarities, Carlton Ridenhour, the student of a graphic design grew up. He drew the band's logo (a man at a gunpoint) as a designer. The beginning of his career started when the rapper met DJ Shockley Hank. Together with his brother Hank Keith, they formed a band called “Spectrum City” and performed at live parties in local clubs.

About Public Enemy

Early Steps

Carlton took a nickname Chuck D-Hard Rhymer and later they together with Hank persuaded Bill Steveny from the student radio station to create a daily program about rap. The three of them did mixes using the work of the “artists of conversational genre” and private readings. Therefore, Chuck D met Flavor Flav, who came to show as a “skilled reader”. Later Flavor with Chuck read together and competed with other local teams and MCs.

Emergence of the Group

In response to one MC “Public Enemy No.1” was written. When the band was noticed by Rick Rubin of Def Jam, Chuck and Flav had already recorded four songs. The contract was signed, and the band began to work on its album. They did not go far for the name - the boys called themselves “Public Enemy”, the title of the most hit song. “Public Enemy” had a typical lineup of a rap group – 2 MC's and DJ: Chuck D, Flavor Flav and DJ Terminator X. Their debut album “Yo! Bum Rush The Show” was released with this lineup. Despite the fact that the disc was not widely consecrated in the press, in fact, it was a real revolution in rap music!

Masters of the Show

The team proved themselves as the masters of the show, all their performance are well-planned with special effects, choreography by “S1W's”, crazy mixes of Terminator X, tight, loud, confident and imaginative rapping of Chuck and Flavor Flav. In the 90s, the band released 5 discs, which became a recognized classic and platinum rap music. In the 2000s – 7 albums came out. But the boys did not change its main feature - sharp texts and rough minuses!

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