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Paul Carrack was born in Sheffield on April 22, 1951. As a teenager, he, like many peers, played in several ensembles in Hamburg clubs. In 1970, Paul was the co-founder of Sheffield group “Warm Dust”. When, after three unsuccessful albums “Warm Dust” was disbanded, Paul joined the pub-rock brigade “Ace”. At first their things were more successful, but after the hit “How Long”, no other worthy continuation followed, and the team also collapsed. The musician tried to start a solo career, but his first album “Nightbird” failed.

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“Squeeze” Group

Shortly thereafter, Paul was offered to replace the keyboardist Jools Holland in “Squeeze”, and although his stay in the team was short-lived, the recorded disc “East Side Story” was the most cash, and the performance of the song “Tempted” became its most famous hit. In the early '80s, Carrack cooperated with Nick Lowe and under his leadership, released a solo album “Suburban Voodoo”, which brought the artist’s first hit to the US Top 40 with the song “I Need You”.

Successful Works

Paul also recorded the solo album “One Good Reason”. This new wave album has brought a couple of hits to the musician, and if the title track was located on the 28-th line of Billboard, the MTV’s “Do not Shed A Tear” climbed into the Top 10. In 1988, Paul released an anthology “The Carrack Collection”, which includes in addition to his own stuff, works with Ace, Squeeze, “M + TM”. Paul also prepared a program “Groove Approved” for the next year. The album, made under the influence of funk and soul, gave birth to a couple of mediocre hits, “I Live by the Groove” and “Battlefield”.

Further Creativity

A little later Paul reunited with “Squeeze”, but an attempt to put together a joint band with Don Felder and Timothy B Schmitt ended in failure. In the second half of the 90s, the musician had prepared a couple of solo albums but if “Blue Views” still had a good demand, the sale of “Beautiful World” left much to be desired.

Own Label

Blaming big show business labels for his failure, he organized his own label “Carrack-UK” and debuted with the disc “Satisfy Mu Soul” on it. These were mainly soul ballads. Then, a cover album “Groovin’” followed. Returning to the original material, Paul made brisker compositions in “It Is not Over” than in “Satisfy Mu Soul” and thus earned applauses on both sides of the Atlantic and got a new Top 40 hit “Happy That See You Again”. In the future, the musician returned to his usual blue-eyed soul, and from album to album (excluding the relatively dreary program of pop standards “A Different Hat”) his work sounded all the more fun.

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