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Starting his music career at 16, Michael quickly gathered around him like-minded people with whom began playing indie rock and folk-rock. He soon founded his first band, which was called “Passenger”. But the group's success could hardly be compared with the success of his solo recordings, which the musician began writing in 2009. The triumph of his career came in 2012, when his single “Let Her Go” appeared and won not only the leading lines in the charts, but also a place in the hearts of millions of fans.

About Passenger


“Passenger” is the alias of the English musician Michael David Rosenberg. Michael was born on May 17, 1984 in the city of Brighton and Hove, the United Kingdom. Since childhood, he was fascinated by music. Already in high school, Michael began to try his hand at writing songs, and gave the first performance on the stage at 16.

The Group and Solo Career

Shortly thereafter, in the early 2000s, he became acquainted with the musicians who later went into his first original lineup of the group “Passenger”. In 2007, the group presented its debut album “Wicked Man's Rest”, which, however, did not add them popularity. In 2009, Michael officially announced about the band decay. The sad news was followed by some good news – all his energy Michael was going to spend on his solo career and development. Interestingly, but his first step was the emergence in the city center with the guitar, where he played cover versions of famous songs, as well as shared his own creativity with the passers-by.


Gradually the producers noticed his songs and he was suggested to go touring to Australia, acting in a warming up of such bands as “One Movement” and “Lior”. In 2009, the musician presented his first album, “Wide Eyes Blind Love”, which, however, gained popularity after the success of the single in 2012. The breakthrough in his career was the single “Let Her Go”, which appeared in stores in July 2012.


Just in a few days it became clear that the song will leave a trace in the history of music. The song topped the charts in 16 countries, and in the two countries, it has received the status of platinum, in three – gold. The video for the song was watched over 200 million times. After the success of “Let Her Go”, Michael gave countless concerts around the world, as well as became a guest musician in a number of popular concerts of pop-rock and folk-rock musicians.

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