Will Hoge
Thu, 11 Jul, 8:00 pm
Night and Day

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Thu, 11 Jul, 8:00 pm
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Will Hoge in Manchester Interesting facts

Will Hoge will be performing 1 event in Manchester on Thursday, 11 July 2019 at Night and Day.

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Venue information - Night and Day

26 Oldham ST, Manchester, M1 1JN
0161 236 1822
Venue Capacity
Night and Day
Night and Day Cafe is a major hub to some of Manchester’s musical giants; the venue is used by many on tour artists across the world. Opened in 1991, this club is now one of the main protagonists in the city’s music scene, featuring a capacity of 250 people. Since its emerging, the café has hosted shows with famous performers as Artic Monkeys, MGMT, Mumford and Sons, and a lot more on their rise to the top.

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