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The British jazz band formed in 1979 by Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick and Paul “Tubbs” Williams went through various changes at the beginning before being known as “Incognito”. They were leaders of the disco-funk group “Light of The World” (LotW) but gradually began to shift the style. Right after releasing their first album as “Incognito”, the band’s fusion of funk and jazz began to be recognised all across England. It was only a matter of time before they started having concerts all across the world.

About Incognito

At the beginning it was positivity

Despite releasing their first album in 1981 (“Jazz Funk”), the band’s breakthrough was a decade later when they released “Always There”, a Ronnie Law’s cover, featuring Jocelyn Brown. “Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing”, a Stevie Wonder cover released in 1992 was also a big success, and it quickly became a hit, especially since acid jazz was so popular at that time. Since 1981, Incognito released 15 more albums, but by far the most successful was “Positivity” (1994) which was strongly appreciated all across Europe.

Now it’s searching for the better days

The 2000s were productive years for Incognito band. Each album released during this decade told a different story, had a strong vibe and a funky jazz note that still attracts fans from all around the globe. “Tales from the Beach”, for instance, released in 2008, was written by Bluey on a coastline from Italy, hence the exotic and fascinating tunes. During the 30 years of existence, Incognito featured different outstanding lead singers, such as Maysa Leak, Jocelyn Brown, Imaani, or Vanessa Haynes. Still, regardless of the artist holding the microphone on stage, Incognito could always fill a room to the brim. And it still does. They just released their last album, “In Search of Better Days”, and still have big plans for the future.

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