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In today’s world, the development of rock music is a very intriguing issue. On the one hand, a new rock band is formed every day. On the other, it is worth noticing that many new groups just copy their famous colleagues. Coasts are definitely not one of those. This young, promising, colourful rock band has been playing for only five years, but they have already created a unique style in their music. No surprise that Coasts are already very popular, not only in Britain but far beyond it. Besides a sparkling debut album, guys inspire their fans with the constant professional development of all the band members.

About Coasts

The Beginning of the Journey

Young and ambitious, Coasts, began to storm the world of music in 2011 in Bristol. The band members gathered at the University of Bath. After a year of hard work they recorded their first single – Stay. The most successful single of Coasts, Oceans, was released in 2014. The most famous songs on this album are "Let Go", "A Rush of Blood", and of course, "Oceans'. However, it was still too early to speak of a studio album.   From the time of the first release and up to these days the band has not changed. Coasts are Chris Caines (vocals), Liam Willford (guitar), James Gamage (bass), David Goulbourn (keys) and Ben Street (drums). Only a few of today’s young bands show such stability. The point is that the guys are all dedicated to the same goals, and they knew what they wanted to do right away. This fact and their outstanding talent are the reasons why Coasts were not waiting long for their success.  

A New Start

By 2016, Coasts have had six singles. They have also toured a lot across Britain and abroad. This year they’ve decided that it is time to fully serious project. On January, 22, the world saw the band’s brand new album – Coasts. The album met all the fans expectations, though there were some negative reviews. The band is intended to work hard on their material and release a new album quite soon.

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