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140-142 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth
Located not far from the central area of Bournemouth, Sound Circus is one of the most popular and enjoyable nightclubs in the town. The venue, which was previously referred to as The Villa, offers a capacity of 400 patrons and is highly popular amongst students, especially those who love music genres like alternative rock or indie rock. Sound Circus hosts different live music performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is a unique place compared to the other entertainment venues in town.

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Getting there

Seeing as the venue is in the proximity of the town centre of Bournemouth, it’s easy to get there via train, bus or car. By train and tube: Sound Circus is within a 4-minute walking distance from the train stations Bournemouth and National Rail. By bus: Sound Circus is just a one-minute stroll from the Bournemouth Station Stops 6 and 7, which serve the routes 2, 2a, 2b, 46, 755 and U1. The Wellington Road (NW-bound) bus stop, which serves the route 85, is within a 3-minute walking distance to the venue. By car: Getting to the Sound Circus by car should pose no orientation problems, as the venue is right by the Holdenhurst Rd, which is a major route in Bournemouth. Furthermore, it’s just one street away from the A338/Wessex Way main road. International: travelers who come from other countries will be glad to hear that Sound Circus is only a twelve-minute drive from the Bournemouth Airport. Keep in mind that the A1 bus can also pick you up from the airport.

Parking facilities

Sound Circus guests can leave their cars at the National Car Parks Ltd facility, which is within a 5-minute walking distance to the nightclub and offers a lot of parking places for Blue Badge Holders.

Access for people with special needs

Sound Circus is accessible to people with disabilities, as it includes accessible toilets and it allows the entry of personal assistants and guide dogs.
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Fleetingwood Mac
Fleetingwood Mac


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